Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Beginning

Now that this is the second day of the first month of the year 2009, I have so many things in mind. Still, the temperature didn't change for a while. We are still below zero degrees. Gosh! I can't even enjoy my winter time. I told myself before winter will start, I am going to enjoy the whole winter. But the weather will not cooperate with me. Give me a break! I have been a prisoner of our own home. My husband has been complaining as we can't go anywhere. Is this the new life we have chosen?

We can't go out of the house because we have 4-feet of snow. The snow is piled up around our house, and it looks like an igloo. They are forecasting that there will be more snow and very cold weather. We really want to go South. All we can do is eat, sleep, cuddle with each other and watch TV. Our life has never been boring like this!


anne said...

hehehe girl it reminds me of the technicians back when I was working in a call center that they could not go because the snow were piled up and its too difficult for them to drive so they are asking us to reschedule the installation of cable for our customer ang seste the customer won't agree they wanted the cable to be connected right there and then. then the next thing I could hear in the phone is the cuzz that they will sue me. wahhhhhhh sus I almost wanted to ask for them to give me a visa so I could fly at their place and install their cable. Well i will be needing training lol

Hazelicious929 said...

hahaha korek girl, suppose to be Directv will install the satellite in our new place but they just can't go because snow here in ND is really deep.

It is very cold here now Anne

TommyClaire said...

HI Hazel,i dont know if this is weird but I wanna experience snow. I went to texas last year and all i experienced was wa lil sleet. Tommy was freaking out coz we had to drive towards the cabin.. Id say I miss the miserably cold weather in Texas but I guess I have to say Im glad its not like living like an igloo. It will not be for long till u get to spring time:)

Hazelicious929 said...

Oh yeah I know, this isn't my first snow experience Claire, I had it last March back in Kentucky. This is really a big and wonderful experience for us couple because we it snowed like November

I am waiting for spring to come!