Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It Is Back!

I am exaggeratedly screaming at the top of my lungs right now! Why? I have the right to jump with all my joy and happiness. My page rank is back! I visited PayPerPost today and I have 12 opportunities, including the 4 opportunities, which I am not allowed to take. I clicked on one opportunity and one of the opportunity requirements says that the minimum Google page rank should be 1. I thought I am not qualified but when I checked my blogs, the page rank of this blog - A Place of Reflection is back!

What a lucky day! Now I have no reason to be frowned or sad. I am happy today despite the cold weather today and no sunshine again. A special thanks to all my friends who uplift my spirit and gave comments. I am very happy today!


Dhemz said...

yehey! good just sistah! you deserved it....yehey madaghan na jud imo opps ani ...hehhehe!

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Dhemz! happy kaayo ko nibalik ang page rank nako hehehe, Thanks Dhangz!