Monday, January 5, 2009

Being Voracious!

It was just an ordinary day for me today. After paying all the bills we got, I am done paying them and I mailed the last bill today. We still have this annoying cold weather that I wish it will be totally gone in an instant. We went to country market in town and bought bananas and pork chop meat. We didn't follow what's exactly on our list and ended up buying more.

When we got home, my husband requested a pork chop meal. He started to grill it but the grill would not work and passed the cooking job to me. I cooked the recipe I got from Rowena - Ribs with Consomme Soup. But, instead of using ribs, I used the pork chop meat. I wasn't able to take a picture of what it look like because the husband was very hungry and ate it.

Around 9PM this evening, we were feeling hungry and decided to eat the leftover - Pork chop with Consomme Soup. My husband jokingly said, it won't be long now that we will look like a big fat pig. Can you blame us? It's the only thing we can do in this very cold weather.


Anonymous said...

that was a funny joke really.. you both will look like a big fat pig.. hahahaha.. i love that!!! wish and pray that snow will be gone soon..

Hazelicious929 said...

oh yeah Jenn! I wish I wish hehehe. We cant go out and we have the tendency to stuffed ourselves so much hehehe, mga baboy! hahaha