Friday, October 31, 2008

Pink Sisterhood

Before the month of October ends, let me remind everyone once again that the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have grabbed this tag from Lisa's Kitchen.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Sexy Outfit

I got my new clothes from Rowena. She's selling some of her stuff that she don't wear anymore and some are new that she didn't even bother to wear at all. I think she have plans on going into a department store business. She hoards her clothes that she doesn't wear. She posted some of her clothes online and priced it lower than the original price. I did a little shopping and found something that will fit me. I loved it! My husband said, I looked good on it. I wore it 2 Sundays ago to go to church with my red leather coat because the weather is cold up in North Dakota.

I took a picture of it. Tell me what you think. Do I look good on it? Thank you Weng for selling me these clothes. They are really nice.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's A Jungle Out There!

It is so depressing when you get home and everything is a mess. We contacted someone to mow our place but they never did a good job. As we got home last night, we never paid attention on what the house looked like until we woke up this morning and found the house like a place in a jungle. The grasses are pretty tall, it seems like it never rained for the past weeks as they are also dry and about to die. The vegetable garden that my husband - Winn started last spring already died. Luckily, the trees we planted were fine and great.

I helped Winn mowed the front and back yard. It was a hard work for both of us. You can't just trust anyone to get someone and mow the place. It is also hard to leave our place here in Kentucky as no one will ever take care of the vegetable garden. It was so depressing to see that our place was not that far to compare to a jungle. We also harvested some Irish potatoes and green beans. The corns are all brown, dry and dead. We also gathered some chillies, colorful bell peppers and some ripe tomatoes. The sunflowers are all dead and brown. Maybe for a short time, the birds enjoyed them. I just wished that our house here will be sold soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Life Quotes

Here are some happy life quotes from Buddha:

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.

Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.

But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Time To Enjoy!

Yipee! I am off from work now. It is the end of the season for all campers here in North Dakota. The campground where I work have closed last Wednesday and it has been 2 days now since the last day of my last work. For 2 months and 14 days working, I would say that I enjoyed every single thing I am experiencing in my workplace. The people from different states all over United States including all the provinces all over Canada. I have met such wonderful people, some maybe not nice at all but it is also good to know that somehow, there are still people who are nice and good.

People enjoyed camping as well as enjoying the wonders of nature. It is good to know that despite of the high prices of gas and the not-so-good news about the economy, there are still people who loves to travel and camp. I just wish that it will be the same next year so everyone can enjoy everything and relax. It will be also my pleasure to serve the campers next year as the season will open for everyone by April 2009. Right now, let me enjoy my winter vacation together with my husband.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thai Fish Stir-Fry

Last week, I cook something from the cookbook. It is called the Thai Fish Stir-Fry. I thought this is hard to cook as some of the ingredients are not available in the store where we always do our grocery shopping but I found ways on how to improve the recipe. This is a substantial dish that is best served with crusty bread for mopping up all the spicy juices. It so good and tasty!

My husband and I loved it so much. I like the tilapia fillet that I used as one of the main ingredients and he loves the big prawns that was covered by the chili sauce. We had a wonderful and spicy meal!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Friendship Message myspace graphic comments

Friendship is something that grows through the years
Withstanding feelings of anger, joy and tears
It is something you cannot live without
A friend you can turn to when in doubt

They should listen carefully and not speak a word
For you would do the same when they want to be heard
A person you can confide in, learn from and trust
This is a friend and everyone must

Be able to have someone just like this
Not a boyfriend to hug, cuddle and kiss
But a person so special, faithful and true
The only one I can think of is a person like you

Our friendship is strong, healthy and great
Through the years I see its wonderful fate
A fate of laughs, greatness and fun
We have only one life to live and this is the one

The past- full of memories that runs through my head
The bad ones never talked about or said
Every moment of life should glisten with fresh morning dew
This reminds me of the greatest friendship one ever knew.

I got this friendship message from Jana, an former co-worker from the call center where I have worked. She sent this in my Friendster site. Somehow, even I am many miles from them, I know in my heart that they always think and remember the good times we had. Thank you Jana!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cold and Heavy Rain

I am feeling cold today. The rain outside is pouring very heavy. I have to double my winter clothes as it doesn't help me to keep me warm. I need to wear something heavier than I always used to wear. The wind is blowing from the north. Luckily, the gas heater is on to keep us warm. I feel so cold, my hands and feet are cold and I am chilling inside. I can hear the thunder roaring as the rain pours and the wind blows. I need a hot soup to keep my stomach warm and fill my system with lots of energy to keep me going from work. I am just lazy when it is raining.

I am already done paying the bills and they are ready to be mailed on Monday, first thing in the morning. There are few campers coming in the campground so there are less work for me to do except answering queries and some phone calls that are important for the business. I should be working also for the sales tax form as it will be mailed as soon as the campground will close on October 15. Time for my vacation and hope to enjoy the winter time again with my loving husband - Winn. I know there's more things to do and I hope there's more energey for us to stay and enjoy the winter be it in Kentucky or North Dakota.

Friday, October 10, 2008

5 Essential Weight Loss Foods

There are many fad diets that promise to help you lose weight in almost no time at all. After two or three weeks on the diet you find yourself losing enough to be able to brag to your family and friends about it, and you're so optimistic that this new lifestyle will be your ticket to a smaller waistline that you start to browse the stores for new clothes.

You continue to lose weight for another couple of weeks, and then something happens: you start to feel sluggish, you begin craving something that your diet absolutely forbids you to have, or the general sense of optimism begins to transform itself into a feeling of constriction, frustration, and even dietary imprisonment.

You decide to have just one snack, or spend just one day eating whatever you want with the intention of going back to the diet the following day. What happens then, is that you feel such satisfaction from that treat that the entire effort falls apart and you put the weight back on in practically no time at all.

Does this scenario sound at all familiar?

Diets are very hard, as is the feeling of being overweight. Many of these fad diets may promise instant and significant weight loss results, but most of them rely on depriving your body of certain nutrients and disrupting the natural function of your body's metabolism. Chinese medicine considers obesity to be partly the result of declining function of the metabolic fire of the kidney network and a diet that provides a well-balanced array of nutrients is the key to losing weight in a healthy way. What follows are five foods that will help you restore your body's ability to use energy and help you become your healthy weight.

1. Millet

A well-balanced diet should consist of whole grains instead of refined grains like
white rice and pasta, and millet is a beneficial and delicious staple of this category of food.
This non-glutinous grain is over 10-percent protein, has high amounts of fiber and B-complex
vitamins, and because it isn't an acid forming food, is easy to digest.

2. Asparagus

When losing weight, it's important to favor chlorophyll-rich foods, including asparagus. Asparagus is a nutrient-rich vegetable packed with folate, vitamins A, C, and K, and fiber. Asparagus also contains a carbohydrate known as inulin (not to be confused with insulin) that promotes healthy bacteria in the large intestine - which in turn promotes a healthier digestive function.

3. Pomegranates

Eating a balanced diet to lose weight should include eating fresh fruits, and pomegranates are a wonderful example of a healthy, nutritious fruit that has antioxidant properties and will help prevent cancer. While the benefits of drinking pomegranate juice have gained a lot of attention recently, you will be more likely to lose weight by eating the fruit fresh to increase your fiber intake and keep the calories down.

4. Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees and are considered an essential ingredient in the tasty Italian mixture pesto. Chinese medicine uses pine nuts to improve gastrointestinal tract and digestive functions, and pine nut oil is even used for appetite suppression. Pine nuts and other nuts are a tasty part of a well-balanced diet intended for weight loss.

5. Green Tea

It has been found that consuming large amounts of coffee and caffeine can lead to food cravings, increase one's appetite, and induce stress-related eating. Green tea is a wonderful alternative to coffee in that it does provide a little caffeine but also contains beneficial antioxidants. So drink up!

A healthy diet also includes lean proteins like chicken breast, legumes such as lentils, and other whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. While fad diets may promise a large amount of weight loss in a short period of time, there's almost a guarantee that you will put that weight back on-and then some!

Eat five smaller meals a day, avoid processed foods, chew more slowly, and incorporate more healthy foods into your diet-starting with these five. Also, click here to learn more about the Tao of Wellness B-Slim dietary supplement, which will help you lose weight naturally.I hope this article helps you find foods that can aid in your weight loss goals! I invite you to visit often and share your own personal health and longevity tips with me.

May you live long, live strong, and live happy!

Source: Noypi's Pilgrim's Sanctuary

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let's Talk About Scallops

It has been a long time since my curiosity about scallops. I am always thinking and asking myself "What the heck is scallops?" Can you cook and eat it? What does it look like? Is it a member or family of shrimp or clam? I really don't know! Until one day, I have searched about it and found the answers. A scallop is a marine bivalve mollusk, found in all of the world's oceans. Many scallops are highly prized as a food source. Some scallops are valued for their brightly colored shells. Scallops are a popular type of shellfish in both Eastern and Western cooking. They are characterized by having two types of meat in one shell: the adductor muscle, called "scallop" which is white and meaty, and the roe, called "coral", which is red or white and soft.

To finally erase my curiosity, I told Winn to buy me scallops at Wal-Mart because I found a recipe from the Chinese Cookbook. So I gathered all the ingredients and cook it - Stir-fry Scallops with Asparagus. It was delicious! We ate the whole thing. My husband love it plus it is a healthy meal for him, I mean for the both of us. He said, from this day forward, we will include scallops in our grocery shopping. That means to say, my curiosity from scallops will be gone and will enjoy more of different scallop recipes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All About Okra

Here are some facts on OKRA (from the research of Ms. Sylvia Zook, PH.D (nutrition), University of
Illinois ...

Okra is a powerhouse of valuable nutrients, nearly half of which is soluble fiber in the form of gums and pectins. Soluble fiber helps to lower serum cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease. The other half is insoluble fiber which helps to keep the intestinal tract healthy, decreasing the risk of some forms of cancer, especially colon-rectal cancer. Nearly 10% of the recommended levels of vitamin B6 and folic acid is also present in a half cup of cooked okra. Okra is a rich source of many nutrients, including fiber, vitamin B6 and folic acid. He got the following numbers from the University of Illinois Extension Okra Page .

Please check these for more details. Okra Nutrition (half-cup cooked okra):
* Calories = 25
* Dietary Fiber = 2 grams
* Protein = 1.5 grams
*Carbohydrates = 5.8 grams
* Vitamin A = 460 IU
* Vitamin C = 13 mg
* Folic Acid = 36.5 micro grams
* Calcium = 50 mg
* Iron = 0.4 mg* Potassium = 256 mg
* Magnesium = 46 mg

These numbers should be used as a guideline only and if you are on a medically-restricted diet please
consult your physician and/or dietitian.

Ms Sylvia W. Zook, Ph.D. (nutritionist) has very kindly provided the following thought-provoking
comments on the many benefits of this versatile vegetable. They are well worth reading.

1. The superior fiber found in okra helps to stabilize blood sugar as it curbs the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract.

2. Okra's mucilage not only binds cholesterol but bile acid carrying toxins dumped into it by the filtering liver. But it doesn't stop there...

3. Many alternative health practitioners believe all disease begins in the colon. The okra fiber, absorbing water and ensuring bulk in stools, helps prevent constipation. Fiber in general is helpful for this but okra is one of the best, along with ground flax seed and psyllium. Unlike harsh wheat bran, which can irritate or injure the intestinal tract, okra's mucilage soothes, and okra facilitates elimination more comfortably by its slippery characteristic many people abhor. In other words, this incredibly valuable vegetable not only binds excess cholesterol and toxins (in bile acids)which cause numerous health problems, if not evacuated, but also assures their easy passage from the the body.

The veggie is completely non-toxic, non-habit forming (except for the many who greatly enjoy eating it), has no adverse side effects, is full of nutrients and is economically within reach of most.

4. Further contributing to the health of the intestinal tract, okra fiber (as well as flax and
psyllium) has no equal among fibers for feeding the good bacteria (probiotics) .

5. To retain most of okra's nutrients and self-digesting enzymes, it should be cooked as little
possible, e.g. with low heat or lightly steamed. Some eat it raw.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Addicted in Cooking

After, looking and finding the easy recipes I got from the Chinese Cookbook that Rowena gave me as a present for my birthday, I found myself cooking 5 recipes in a row. I just love cooking especially when my husband eats it all (well, I help him eat too). Every time I cook, I always get a compliment from him that I cook so good. That is one thing inspires me to cook and cook and not give him the opportunity to cook and be the king of the kitchen. Besides, he said that I am the "queen of the kitchen".

So, at the night of my birthday, I prepared 2 recipes from the cookbook. The Spicy Spareribs and the Red and White Prawn with Vegetables. I thought, cooking the recipes in the cookbook was hard but it is not. Although there are some ingredients that are hard to find and I don't know where to find it unless I will I will be in an Asian store if it is available there. I still wish I could find some of the ingredients as it is always been use in the cookbook.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Waterfowl Hunting

Here comes hunting season! As I end my job in a campground in 2 weeks time, here comes the duck hunters for the hunting season to hunt ducks, geese and pheasants. I have made reservations for this weekend and for the whole week next week for the duck hunters. If someone will call and ask if we are still open, I know already that they need a spot for a night or for few days to retire after a tiresome hobby from hunting. We will try to accommodate them as long as the hunting season is open.

Waterfowl hunting is also called duck hunting, goose hunting, or wild fowling. It is the practice of hunting ducks, geese, or other waterfowl for food and sport. In many western countries, commercial waterfowl hunting is prohibited, and duck hunting is primarily an outdoor sporting activity. Many types of ducks and geese share the same habitats, have overlapping or identical hunting seasons, and are hunted using the same methods. Thus is not uncommon to take several different species of waterfowl in the same outings. This might be a good adventure, will bring fun and good memories.