Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cold and Heavy Rain

I am feeling cold today. The rain outside is pouring very heavy. I have to double my winter clothes as it doesn't help me to keep me warm. I need to wear something heavier than I always used to wear. The wind is blowing from the north. Luckily, the gas heater is on to keep us warm. I feel so cold, my hands and feet are cold and I am chilling inside. I can hear the thunder roaring as the rain pours and the wind blows. I need a hot soup to keep my stomach warm and fill my system with lots of energy to keep me going from work. I am just lazy when it is raining.

I am already done paying the bills and they are ready to be mailed on Monday, first thing in the morning. There are few campers coming in the campground so there are less work for me to do except answering queries and some phone calls that are important for the business. I should be working also for the sales tax form as it will be mailed as soon as the campground will close on October 15. Time for my vacation and hope to enjoy the winter time again with my loving husband - Winn. I know there's more things to do and I hope there's more energey for us to stay and enjoy the winter be it in Kentucky or North Dakota.


Wena said...

I hate in HATE!!!!

hazelicious929 said...

hehehe, I guess I am hating it too because I wear heavy winter clothes just to make me warm huhuhu