Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's A Jungle Out There!

It is so depressing when you get home and everything is a mess. We contacted someone to mow our place but they never did a good job. As we got home last night, we never paid attention on what the house looked like until we woke up this morning and found the house like a place in a jungle. The grasses are pretty tall, it seems like it never rained for the past weeks as they are also dry and about to die. The vegetable garden that my husband - Winn started last spring already died. Luckily, the trees we planted were fine and great.

I helped Winn mowed the front and back yard. It was a hard work for both of us. You can't just trust anyone to get someone and mow the place. It is also hard to leave our place here in Kentucky as no one will ever take care of the vegetable garden. It was so depressing to see that our place was not that far to compare to a jungle. We also harvested some Irish potatoes and green beans. The corns are all brown, dry and dead. We also gathered some chillies, colorful bell peppers and some ripe tomatoes. The sunflowers are all dead and brown. Maybe for a short time, the birds enjoyed them. I just wished that our house here will be sold soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Wena said...

wawa man ang inyong place oi,murag jungle na.....i hope na mabaligya na inyo haus para wala namo worry ni Winn.

hazelicious929 said...

mao jud Wenggay oi... hopefully sad ma-sold na amua balay. Lisod pud baya mag-maintain 2 properties then layo pa jud from south to north.