Monday, October 6, 2008

Addicted in Cooking

After, looking and finding the easy recipes I got from the Chinese Cookbook that Rowena gave me as a present for my birthday, I found myself cooking 5 recipes in a row. I just love cooking especially when my husband eats it all (well, I help him eat too). Every time I cook, I always get a compliment from him that I cook so good. That is one thing inspires me to cook and cook and not give him the opportunity to cook and be the king of the kitchen. Besides, he said that I am the "queen of the kitchen".

So, at the night of my birthday, I prepared 2 recipes from the cookbook. The Spicy Spareribs and the Red and White Prawn with Vegetables. I thought, cooking the recipes in the cookbook was hard but it is not. Although there are some ingredients that are hard to find and I don't know where to find it unless I will I will be in an Asian store if it is available there. I still wish I could find some of the ingredients as it is always been use in the cookbook.


Wena said...

wala na naadik na jud ka....i hav enew is about stir-fry....i am drooling over the pictures but since d ako ang cook,i will wait until it is my turn=)

hazelicious929 said...

hahaha, It is all your fault jud Wenggay! hehehe sige na lang jud request si Winn out of the cookbook hehehe Thank you Weng for the cookbook