Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here Comes March!

March is one of the months I have been waiting for. Ask me why later. I don't want to spoil the upcoming events and I am going to share it here for sure. We started the first day of March staying home the whole day because of the extreme cold weather. I played scrabble with my friends online at Facebook. I had a bad connection because I am using dial-up for the mean time but everything went well afterward.

At 5PM, I started getting ready for church. The mass is at 6PM so we have to be there 5 minutes before it will start. I bundled myself up because it is so cold. The temperature was below zero. Few more days and it will be spring time! I just can't wait to savor the fresh air while looking at the trees and grasses turning green once again.


Umma said...

OMG.. its already month of March? Waaah.. so fast talaga...

Amor said...

Oh lala snow ghapon sa inyo dnha Hazel.Amo dnhi kay wala na gyd,hay salamat :)

Bitaw,hapit na ang spring,excited nako pod.Hope mo stop na ng snow dnha sa inyo para pod kalakaw lakaw ka dnha na dili mangurog sa katugnaw.

PS:Happy ko na makacomment nako dri yehey!!!!na open na gyd sya gikapoy na guro sya sa kaclick nako :)

Hazelicious929 said...

@ Umma:

Correct sistah! hindi ko akalain na mabilis ang panahon. Nakaka excite bawat araw na dumaan diba?

Hazelicious929 said...

@ Amor:

Hello Ams, mao jud naka comment na ka diri hehehe... daghan pa snow diri sa amua, dugay man gud ni sya mag melt oi unsaon na lang hehehe

I am excited for spring na jud, daghan na jud mi plans hehehe