Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Outfit Test

When I was a kid, I hate wearing dresses. I don't feel like I am comfortable wearing them. I prefer wearing shirt and shorts. Then when I am finally grown, my taste for fashion changed. I was browsing other blogs today and saw this post - The Outfit Test from Ivy's Towts4u. I decided to take the test and below is the result. What about you? What outfit says about you?

Your Outfit Says You're Chic

Your style is very sophisticated and elegant.

Even if you're wearing jeans, you still know how to look classy.

You are enchanting and mysterious. You take your image seriously.

You are glamorous in a delightfully old-fashioned way.

Your high end fashion designer match: Nanette Lepore

Your must have accessory: Long gloves


Prettymom said...

hi Hazel i will be adding your blogs now. I got something for you here

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Rosemarie! Thank you for dropping by. Thank you for adding my blogs.