Thursday, December 25, 2008

My White Christmas

So I guess, this is what they call white Christmas. Spending Christmas here in North Dakota is actually my first ever white Christmas. Isn't that cool? Oh yeah! It is not only cool but it is very cold. The temperature is below zero degrees, meaning it's negative below zero. I know that some of you hate being in a cold weather and I thought I wouldn't survive the harsh weather here but hey, I am still here. Maybe there were days that we have to stay home when blizzard strikes but when the sun is up and shining, all we have to do is get up, put on our comfy-warm coats and boots then we are good to go to enjoy the winter.

Today, I am celebrating Christmas for the 3rd time together with my husband. We celebrated our 1st Christmas together back in the Philippines in my hometown. The 2nd time was in Kentucky and for this year, we celebrated it in Devil's Lake, North Dakota. The original plan was, to just stay home since we heard in the news that they will give us some snow tonight. But what the heck, it is Christmas time and we will celebrate it just like what we wanted. We drove carefully going to Devil's Lake, watched some people enjoying the ice fishing. We went to Spirit Lake Casino and Hotel and grabbed a delicious buffet. I wish everyone a very happy Christmas. God Bless you all.


spa said...

hey interesting to read your style of enjoying Christmas.

Hazelicious929 said...

thank you very much