Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

It was first week of March 2008 when I first experienced the heavy snow in Kentucky. I felt like I was a child again when I saw tiny particles of crushed ice falling from the dark sky. My husband was laughing at me that night. It was my first taste of snow. But it was too late for me to make a BIG snowman. I played outside the house for a little bit - made my first snow angel, walked in 7 1/2 inches thick of snow in the ground and made my little snowman.

This time a year, snowfall was early for me now that I am living on the western part of the United States - North Dakota. I love it here during the summer because it is not humid. Although we have some harsh winter time. I am expecting more snowfalls for the coming days. This afternoon, there's some snow showers, enough to cover my car and the husband's truck. The husband went outside to put my car in the garage. Unfortunately, his truck was big that it didn't fit the garage. If there will be more snow showers, we might be ready making our big snowman for this Christmas.


D said...

Wow! 7 1/2 inches of snow?! My gosh, that's thick! Ilang degrees ba kayo diyan sis? I'm sure negative na talaga kayo. We dont have snow here in CA (other than in the mountains)pero nagiginawan na rin ako dito. We're dipping into the 50's and 40's.Pag maggawa ka ng snowman, take a picture ha? I would love to see what you have made! Happy weekend!=)

hazelicious929 said...

Yes girl, it is very cold up here in North Dakota. Sometimes we are 0 to 20 degrees and its really freezing outside.

If in Kentucky, I don't normally gloves when I go out, here in ND, I have to wear gloves and snow boots and few layered clothes to keep me warm