Monday, August 25, 2008

What's for Lunch?

I was thinking what would be my meal for lunch yesterday. I was hoping to eat another dish or try out something extraordinary. Since I got the job, I seldom cook. I go home basically just to sleep and take a bath because I am working 12 hours plus 3 hours break a day straight from Monday to Sunday. Yes, it is true! I don't have any day-off. What I do sometimes is, I accumulate all my 3 hours break everyday and get off on Sunday so I will have my time for my God and my loving husband. It was my hubby who cooks for me not until the camping season is over, I may have to replace him and go back for my little passion - cooking.

While I was on my way getting my lunch, my Native American friend, said that she wanted me to try her dish. It was a beef with carrots, mushrooms and bell pepper topped with roasted peanuts. It was delicious! I got a bowl serving and was satisfied at the end of my lunch break. I even use chopsticks so I will be better in using chopsticks but end up using a spoon to eat them all for more satisfaction!

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