Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chocolate Break!

I never knew I will be having my 3 hours break since I started working last 1st of August. I was overwhelmed with all the blessings since we moved up here in North Dakota. We were camping for a little while since we got here, a little bit of love and labor cleaning the new house and that was 2 weeks before I got my very first job here in the United States. I am a receptionist in a campground near the city where I live. It is a seasonal job and this means that I will have more time spending quality time with my husband when the spring-summer-early fall is over.

While working in the office, I can't help myself but to have a munch for my delicious and favorite chocolate bars. I know, all of you will say that "chocolate makes me fat" but it is not. Whatever you say, I still love having my chocolate break from time to time that I am on break. Well, I don't eat as in everyday but once in a while. This makes me feel good especially having my favorite ones.

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