Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Own Version of Kip Saté a La Mina

How do you want to cook your chicken meat? Do you have a special recipe for your chicken? What about a chicken and peanut butter combination? Does it sound good to you? Does it taste delicious and sure enough it will be a knocked out? I asked my husband, Winn what does he think of a chicken and a peanut butter combination? He looked straight at me with his eyebrows curled wondering about my new chicken recipe. Well, I got a recipe from a good friend, Jacy from Minnesota. She posted this recipe in her blog - Kip Saté a La Mina.

Since I can't go to the grocery store to buy what I need for the recipe, I let my hubby to buy it for me instead. I made a list for him not to forget all the ingredients I needed for my chicken recipe, including the peanut butter! He's still puzzled about the chicken and peanut butter combination. So to make his curiosity short, I made the Kip Saté a La Mina. It was delicious! I couldn't imagine I made Jacy's chicken recipe. I even served it with hot plain rice and shared it with my new found friend who is a Native American (Indian). She loved it too!


simplyjacy said...

hello Haze!

that looks really good. i'm glad it turned out well for you. especially that the recipe only calls for eye-ball. hehehe! that means you really have the touch of a chef pud diay.

i'm glad Winn likes it and so is your friend.

hazelicious929 said...

Hello Jacy! yay, you have comments na diay, hehehe. I love it Jacy! It is delicious jud. He really likes it, plus I got good comments about it too hehehe