Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Travel-Bug in Me!

We left our place in Hilo, Hawaii around 6:10 PM. Our newly found friend, Ellen came by and offered help to take us at the airport. Our flight going to Honolulu, Hawaii was around 8:21 PM. Luckily, there were no delays and we were on board on time at Hawaiian Airlines. We landed at Honolulu International Airport around 9:10 PM. While waiting for our flight going to Seattle, I checked my Facebook to see if there's something new about my friends. I can't check my Barn Buddy farm as my BlackBerry Tour doesn't support the Facebook games. Wishing I have an iPhone! Luckily, I have my Nintendo DSi to entertain me.

We boarded around 12:00 AM - our flight going to Seattle. We landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport around 6:35 AM (Pacific Time). My husband grabbed coffee and a chocolate donut and I got Vanilla Cinnamon Latte and cream cheese Danish at Seattle's Best Coffee. Our flight to Minneapolis will be around 12:30 PM and I am getting tired waiting over. I am irritated, I am tired and I am sleepy! This is the longest layover (about (6 hours) I have ever had. Can't wait for my next trip down South! So excited!

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