Thursday, January 7, 2010

Girls Talk: First Crush

Girls Talk

When I was in grade 3, my first crush was Rhynel. We both lived in the same neighborhood. We were playmates and friends. He was my classmate from grade 3, 4 and 5. He was the first honor student when we graduated in Elementary school. Remember the FLAMES? I did it to our names! Guess what was the outcome. We were sweethearts according to FLAMES! Now we are both married, The last time I heard from him? He got kids now and I am a travel-bug together with my husband!


r u s s said...

FLAMES. Hahaaa! Yes, of course I remember that. Your childhood is not complete if you didn't do that. Funny how I don't remember how it's done. Have my post here.

sheng said...

i did it way back those times too...i was actually dreaming for a good result from FLAMES but then i was given an answer that we will just be friends huhuhu...

anne said...

hehehe uso sad na sa amoa ang Flames lol

pehpot said...



Remember when you don't like the outcome, you will change it, you will include his middle initials or delete it haha para lang maging kaaya aya ang resulta no

Make or Break

K said...

haha! yak bigla kong naalala mahilig din ako sa FLAMES nun. LOL. cute ng entry mo. lurve!

btw, here's my entry. :)

Hazelicious929 said...

ahahaha I agree! including the middle names! what a lame excuse just to start all over and get a good answer hehehe

nikogirl said...

thanks for reminding me of FLAMES bigla ako natawa hahaha.... as in childhood days bring lots of foolish memories tlga anu???

nice ng name nya ah... katuwa noh? now u live different lives.. at ikaw very happy wife heheh :)

thanks for joining GT this week haze ha.. seeee you again nxt week.. sana ready ka na.. ako kasi hinde pa :D hahaa

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Ria said...

I remember FLAMES but didn't work out for me and HENRY THOMAS...hahahaha