Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Refreshing Drink!

It's been raining for 2 days now here and I feel like it is already winter time. It was windy and the wind was blowing a cold mist that I have to wear my coat to protect me from chilling. I never did know it was early for the cold weather up here. All I know is I should be enjoying the summer time because it will be Fall time soon and everything will change.

As I am doing my job today, my husband show up and surprised me a visit. It wasn't his time yet to pick me up for our lunch break but he did it anyway. He just wanted to see me and give me this refreshing drink for me to enjoy. Now, this confuse me a little bit... he bought me a mango-strawberry shake and he knows it has been raining here since yesterday. The worst part is, I was chilling and got a brain-freeze! I should have know better... but he was romantic and sweet to surprised me and let me enjoy my refreshing drink.


annhughes said...

kakatuwa naman si fafa...sweet ha... baka naman girl di pa malamig for him...enjoy he moment pa sya kc summer pa...alam mo naman dyan pag winter neh talagang winter hehehehe

hazelicious929 said...

Hello girl! oo nga sweet-sweetan kunu hehehe, lapit na rin kasi anniversary namin eh hehehe. malamig na talaga here sa ND girl sa town namin kasi umuulan hehehe