Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just A Thought

Well, what can I say? I am still on the process of healing my right jaw from the surgery. It is getting colder outside and every time I go outside to feel the weather, my ears and nose can feel how cold it was outside. I have to put my coat and shoes with socks on to keep me warm. Still, I am enjoying the marvelous taste of the soft foods that my husband bought just for me. Although sometimes, I can get a little bit of taste on what my husband is eating - pork chop, fried chicken, turkey sandwich and T-bone steak. But that is just a little taste! Eventually, I am missing the taste of those foods. I miss savoring each and everyone of them.

I just wish I can open my mouth wide open to eat. I just wish the surgery and the stitches will be long gone for me to eat. I know I will, in due time, I know I will be enjoying what my husband is enjoying right now. I just wish he will not tease me while he's eating any food that he will put in his mouth. As for me, I will be fine... I will be all well in 2 weeks and will no longer sick. Besides, 2 weeks is already long for me. I just miss pampering my mouth with good food.

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