Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are You City or Country?

I am a city girl! I grew up in a small city of Zamboanga and I have lived in the big city of Makati and worked in Ortigas. But when I married my American husband, we lived in a country area since I came here. I can be a city or a country girl. I like peaceful and quiet place.

You Are City

You prefer big lights and big dreams over the slow paced life of the country.

You crave excitement, and the city has many opportunities for you.

While you appreciate the peace and quiet of the country, it's a little too quiet.

You need lots people, culture, and action to feel truly alive.


amiable amy said...

Country japon inyo diha Hazel? Lagi, I like Orlando coz the disney world is there pero, diri Mississippi, country jud ang kaayo, pero, i, like it kay panalagsa ra traffic unya daghan activity hahaha...lingaw ayo ko

Hazelicious929 said...

yes Ams, country amua diri. ang neighbors namin kay mga farmers man with vast land talaga

I like it pud diri kay peaceful and quiet but I am still a city girl at heart hehehe