Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Learning to Enjoy My Vacations More

Guest post written by Jessie Newman

Over the years it's been a little tougher for me to enjoy my vacations as much as I used to because I love to go on historical tours. Now for someone who's hearing isn't so great, it would be a little tough to enjoy all these historical tours when you can't hear the tour guides.

I was online looking up some new ideas for my vacation this summer and while I was doing that I saw the site http://hearingaids.miracle-ear.com/hearing-locations/california/c/camarillo/. I read through it and scheduled an appointment at a center nearby.

I got some hearing aids and I think that they're really going to help me enjoy vacation more because I'll be able to hear things that tour guides say when I go and see historic things. That's definitely been a problem in the past, but that makes me even more excited to go and do some serious historical sightseeing. I have so much more history to experience and learn about and I know that I'm well equipped to do this. I just don't even know what I want to go and see next!