Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Game Time!

I haven't posted anything lately and I got tied up at work. Everything is pretty hectic at work and I haven't blogging for a while. This time, I am going to share some photos on what we did during the Baby Shower party. The venue was held at Jamestown Campground. We had a lot of fun, lots of food to eat and fun games that we enjoyed so much.

The photo above was one of the games we played. It is called Find the Safety Pins. The materials needed are large bowl, long grain rice, safety pins (small or medium) and blindfold. What I did was to fill the bowl with rice and put about 50 safety pins. Each participant from the baby shower was blindfolded for 1 minute and let the participant feel around in the bowl to see how many safety pins they can get. You would not believe how hard it is to tell the difference of the safety pin and the rice.

The photo above was a fun game. This baby shower game gets everyone laughing! The materials are baby bottles with Milk or any alternate drink. We used sprite and coke. Each participant took a bottle filled with a liquid and suck the bottle as a baby would. The woman who drinks the most in an allotted time wins the baby shower gift. The mistake we did for this game was, we used pop as the alternate drink. The participants complained that it wasn't a good idea. So next time, we will use milk or juice. We all had fun!


anne said...

it looks like you had a lot of fun.

Scotty's Princess said...

You sure had a blast, Haze. Lingaw kaau mo sa photos.