Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Television Night: Jeopardy

Contribution by German Flowers

After moving to America I have found one of the greatest shows on earth is Jeopardy. Hosted by Alex Trebeck, this show has been in the American conscious for years but being from India it was new to me. It's an amazing trivia show that always makes people use their brains to figure out the answers to questions on a variety of subjects. My family always watches Jeopardy on our satellite TV Indian channels during the weekends.

Jeopardy features questions on some of the most fascinating subjects. It is a great family show to watch, because typically every person will know the answers to a particular set of questions. It is hilarious to see some of my kids know that answers to pop culture questions, while my husband and I excel at the questions surrounding American history. For example, one time my kids knew the entire lyrics to pop culture songs by artists like P. Diddy and Rihanna, while my husband and I were naming the laws passed in America during the year 2000. We were cracking up to see how all of us ended up with the same score, even though our areas of knowledge were very obviously different!

It is so much fun to plan one night of the week to come together as a family and watch Jeopardy. There is nothing much sweeter in life than watching an educational program together that is actually entertaining and thrilling to watch and participate in!

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