Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a Surprise!

For few days now, I have been struggling cleaning and fixing our house. It was a tough job as a housewife. I don't mind packing all our stuff from our old house and bring them all here in our new place. What keeps me from being a lazy butt is the unpacking session. Our new house was like a maze where you have to think which way you are going. I am done cleaning the 2 full bathrooms and this time, I am almost done cleaning, keeping things organized and making it a home.

I am having so much fun cleaning our new place. Earlier today, while resting from cleaning the kitchen, I got an e-mail from the website - Triple P telling me that my other blog, A Place of Reflection was approved. I was really surprised! I have been waiting for my second blog to be approved for days now and finally, I got the good news. What's more interesting was my newly approved blog got a Google page rank (1). I have been struggling to get a Google rank and now here it is. I never thought I would get one. Thank you God for everything!

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