Friday, November 14, 2008

Sweet Treats!

The husband and I decided to treat ourselves with pies, cakes and rolls. There's a country store near our place which is just a 5 minutes drive from our house. We were actually shopping for some goodies that we are going to send in the Philippines as a Christmas gift for them.

We grabbed cheesecake, German chocolate cake and cinnamon rolls. The husband grabbed a pumpkin roll for himself and it tastes so good. I thought pumpkin cake rolls is bad but it wasn't bad at all. I guess it really depends how you make something out of pumpkin. They are all delicious and satisfied with some good treats.


Wena said...

Ohhhh..i love pumpkin,anything basta made out of pumpkin....asa ka nakakuha ug balikbayan haze?

hazelicious929 said...

You like pala pumpkin? I don't like the pumpkin pie hehehehe

There's one in Louisville Weng. Sa Lanceta Trading (it's a pinoy store). Forex ship it. We will drop the box there as soon as we go back to ND