Sunday, March 25, 2012


Post contributed by Josue Durham

When my brother was here visiting over the summer he turned me on to Pandora. OMG! It has changed my life for the better! I had all but stopped listening to music in the car because nothing I liked was ever on the radio. I was complaining about it to him, and he got me set up with Pandora. I already had an iphone, so it was easy to just get the AUX cord for the car. I love Pandora! I have probably 20 different “stations” already. I’ve been able to hear songs I hadn’t heard in ages, and it is cool because I’m also learning of a lot of new-to-me artists that I am really liking. The only down side is the commercials. Every 5 songs or so, there’s some short 30 second commercial, like for Direct TV Deals or something. It doesn’t take long, though. Most radio stations have like 5 minutes of commercials, so I guess 30 seconds is just a small inconvenience for such an awesome (and free!) music program.

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