Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wedding Budget

As I told to my previous post, my friends are getting married by the end of this year. They are already talking about wedding gowns, the entourage, and the church, the venue for the reception, the photographer and the flowers. Getting married is really a stressful job. I wonder if my girl friend is getting all the help she needs organizing their wedding because they are both working. Her fiancé is a nurse and she's a banker.

Organizing a decent wedding will need a lot of planning and careful decision making. It will all start on your budget. They both told me that they are saving enough money for the wedding. There are some ways to cut your wedding budget without sacrificing other things. There are some tips and tricks that can help you cut costs and keep the wedding of your dreams within reach. It will all start in you. I can't wait for the moment to witness my friends' wedding day. I am already thinking what to wear!


Twerlyn said...

oi asa cia kaslon? Best wishes to your friend.

Ah karon na add na tika sa akong blog, mu visit nako nimo perme. Murag kabantay ko sa imo b4, hehe! SOrry wala jud ko ka stalk sa imo ba, hehe! Naga stalk ko sa akong mga friends pero paramdam at the same time..karon kay friend naman ta...expect na mag cge nasad ko visit nimo..hehe!

Dhemz said...

wow! ka bongga sa imong friendship haze....am sure bonggacious ilang wedding....:)

nurse and a banker..waaaaaaaa.....:)