Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Do You Tell the Truth?

You Are Honest and Open

You are a very honest person,
yet you somehow avoid being brutally honest with people.

You know that the truth often does hurt,
so you try to cushion the blow as much as possible.
And because of your approach, people do appreciate your honesty.

You're the type of person who complements before you criticize.
You try to put the truth in perspective and make it seem not so dire.

And whenever you're stating your opinion,
you make it clear that it's just that ... your point of view.
You can only speak your own personal truth.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You Are Brutally Honest
Hey, the truth hurts, but that's not exactly your fault. You call things as you see them and pull no punches.
You believe that you shouldn't be
bakla nag take ako ng test nyan din etu skin neng.

You are brutally honest!!!
punished for speaking your mind. It's a lot better than being a liar.

In fact, you have no tolerance for dishonesty of any kind. In your mind, a white lie is still a lie.
You rather that people give it to you straight. You pride yourself on being tough enough to handle the unvarnished truth.