Friday, September 25, 2009

About My Phone...

I purchased my new BlackBerry phone last Friday, September 18 before celebrating my 27th birthday. My husband keeps on pushing me about getting me a new phone since we will not be staying for another winter here in North Dakota. I was thinking of getting the iPhone from AT&T but the problem was, there's no AT&T store around town plus the network coverage is limited. Who wants to get a phone from a certain company if it will give you a bad service?

So, we went to Verizon office to finally get me a new phone. The new model phone from BlackBerry which is the Tour. I fell in-love with it the moment I researched and compared it to BlackBerry Storm. I have been playing with my new toy everyday and I am lovin' it.

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Dhemz said...

glad to know you are enjoying your phone lovin it!

woi ako tuod tong na send ug text sa!

kung gusto ka ug case sa imo phone haze, will give you the link of the place...very cheap ra sya....:)