Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling Depressed!

I asked this question before and posted it on my Facebook Wall.
- - - - - What do you do when you feel depress?

Many of my friends responded - go workout, eat chocolates, go shopping, go home (Philippines), stay online and surf the net, eat and eat, watch TV, go out with friends in the bar and have some drinks and anything they can say. Now, I am feeling the same depression once again! I don't know why. The hormones? But I am not pregnant or what not. It's just that, sometimes, I need to be alone and consider the things I always do back home when I am single. I am not whining about not getting too much day off at work. I don't actually have a day off!

So I am preparing myself to hit the road and enjoy myself for 6 months after working this summer. I just can't wait. I have been counting the months, weeks and days! And now, 6 more weeks and 3 more days, I will be off from work. I am going to enjoy my vacation with my husband in a warmer place. There's no way we will spend another winter time here in North Dakota. This state is just our summer place and we will go find our winter place. Can't wait!

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